Pictures with Santa: Ho!Ho!Ho! Get your Santa pictures here

Review posted Mon 24 Dec '12
Pictures with Santa Pictures with Santa Info Visit

Well, there's no time now for rushing to the mall to get your picture taken with Santa. So how on earth are you going to get that photo of you and Mr Claus? The simple way would have to be this fun and entertaining iOS app called Pictures With Santa where you can insert your photos into various photos of the man in red. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of friends and family when you send them the photo. But be quick, because he'll be leaving the North Pole pretty soon.
With all of Santa's time occupied by his annual events at the mall and parties it's very difficult to snag a photo with the old guy! Lucky for you, a crack team of elves have toiled away this year to give you a solution. It's the Picture with Santa app for all iOS devices! Simply pull out your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and use the camera or photo library to insert the face of yourself, your friends or unsuspecting passers-by into a variety of holiday scenes! Instantly become a child on Santa's lap, a sleigh driver in a wintry wonderland orget that baby-in-a-Santa-hat picture you've always wanted! Your Christmas card photos will finally bring the smiles and laughter that you know they deserve! Instantly email your family and friends with the built in message sender or save the new pictures to your photo library, Photo Stream or iCloud! You can even save your images to use with the Apple Cards app and mail Season's Greetings to your friends and family! Combine a holiday scene and a photo from your camera or photo library to create the perfect picture you have always wanted. Creates a print quality image that you can save and share with anyone you want then instantly email or save your gorgeous new pictures! Create funny and silly images or heartwarming family portraits!
I think I've seen about five photos of people with Santa photos this year which is right on schedule. It's such a fun thing to send your friends. You can create simple ones by taking a photo and inserting  your face into various Santa pictures or you can get clever and insert a photo from your library into a snow scene if you like. So if you forgot to buy your mom or Auntie Amy a Christmas card this year then this fun little app could save your bacon. What's more you don't even have to sit on Santa's lap. Merry Christmas everyone.

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