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Review posted Tue 10 Dec '13  ·  715 comments
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There is so much spam advertising around these days that sometimes it can be a little misleading when trying to make a decision on what you consider to be good recommendations. Whether you are thinking of buying a new car, planning on where to go on holiday or even checking out which movie to see, it helps if you get reliable and honest opinions to make your decision the best informed one. Zanda is a new social comparison application that uses a unique rating system from within its community to give you a much better idea of the best stuff out there. The Zanda community (which includes yourself, of course) rates and reviews items, products, concerts, events, people and places - in fact, pretty much anything you can think of - to give you a better idea of the best things in life.
Life is an experience and Zanda wants to make sure each experience is a positive one. It is a social site that lets you rate and review the world around you using its own unique rating system. This empowers people to make better decisions about the things they buy, the things they do and the places they go. By connecting people with the things that they enjoy most and seeing ratings from people that you actually know and trust, all parties can help each other find the things they really value. Users can review existing items or add a new item for review. The can indicate if they have tried a certain item and can make comments, compare similar items and create wish-lists for items they want to try for themselves. Follow users with similar or eclectic tastes, earn badges and make the top-lists for being active in certain categories and keywords. Zanda brings reviews of movies, products, people, events, places and more to one common location allowing users to discover new experiences and reading reviews from people all over the world. It also allows people to connect with others with similar interests and discover new experiences based on the comments and insight from their social friends.
0ne of Zanda's bylines is that it "lets you rate the world around you" and it does that in a very eye-catching way. This highly social app connects you with other users to rate and present honest reviews in multiple categories and serves them up in an easy to view and picture laden interface in one location. By using unique rating system, the app prevents corporations to spam or to brand advocates and hijack ratings and show dishonest scores. The site developers also monitor the site closely so that they can deliver true opinions and real scores from the community. Zanda promises that they will continue to grow as an honest crowd sourcing community and are planning both Android and iOS versions of this free social review app soon. I'm looking forward to it.

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