MapsWithMe app: How to see your road maps when you're not online

Review posted Sun 27 May '12
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MapsWithMe is what could be described as an almost masterpiece as a travel app for iDevices and iOS. Don't get me wrong - I love the idea of having a map app that you don't need an Internet connection to access and, believe me, there are times in my road tripping life that it would come in really useful to have a detailed map in front of me whilst negotiating the one way streets of San Francisco with only a wifi iDevice to navigate by. How this travel guide and GPS works is by downloading the relevant map and detailed city guides to your device before you leave.
So lets look at the ample positives of MapsWithMe Pro. It has two main features - maps of every city and country in the world and a detailed guide that lists interesting articles, places of interest, airport info and various travel routes relevant to the area. Very useful during travels to find those great "off the beaten tracks" places as well as essential services.  It certainly offers you the quickest offline maps wherever you are in the world leaving you the peace of mind to travel with full confidence and know where you are wherever you may be. Maps are downloaded on an 'as needed' basis. It features maps for all countries and all cities of the world in the one app  but it's main claim to fame is definitely it's offline search capability which means no more high roaming charges on your phone anymore. And, what's more,  you can search by categories whether it be ATM's, restaurants or just plain old parking stations.
I love travel guides and MapsWithMe Pro provides a unique service which allows you to plan your trip by downloading relevant city or area maps to your iDevice before you leave - which is a brilliant innovation. Where it leaves one a little frustrated is with something that surely would be simple to address. With larger countries one has to download the whole country's map rather than a specific area or state within it which takes up a lot of space and time. Just a small thing but hopefully it is addressed with the next version. Having said that, I can see me using this excellent GPS based map and travel guide rather a lot in the future - I just want it to be even better.

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