Viddy: An Instagram for your social video sharing

Review posted Wed 25 Apr '12
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There are some apps that come around that just make you wanna go aaah with their beauty and magnificence. Viddy is one of those apps. As Instagram is to the still photograph, so Viddy is to the video. It's a free social video share application of the highest order that let's you very simply capture, produce and share your videos with your friends and the rest of the world. And in the same way as Instagram, you can edit, apply effects, recolor and warp your video masterpieces before you unleash them.
The very stylish social photo posting app Instagram has taken off to the point that Facebook just shelled out one billion dollars to snap them up. One of the reasons for that was probably something to do with Facebook's rather dodgy photo upload system which can leave a little to be desired. Similarly, if youve tried to upload videos onto Mr Zuckerberg's flagship vehicle you will know that it could also do with a bit of an overhaul. Something like Viddy may well be the answer. Kinda like a cross between Tumblr and Twitter it  is a simple way for anyone to capture, produce, and share and comment on beautiful videos and send them out into the world looking even more glamorous than you could image. Warp them, add music and share them with your family and friends in the most attractive way imaginable. Here is a first class photo share aop that lets you record a moment of your life, give it that cinematic look with Viddy's production packs and share it with those who matter most.
Viddy is, quite simply, the most beautiful way of creating and sharing your personal videos to friends and family online. While you can share your precious videos many different ways, Viddy presents them in more than their glorious beauty and is surely the future of video share on the net - until the next generation comes along. If you are a fan of Instagram you will love Viddy. It's's very's the future of video sharing. Get on board.

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