OnQ: An iPhone memo pad you'll never forget

Review posted Mon 12 Mar '12
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How's your memory? Look, it's not easy to remember all the things we humans have to keep locked away these days. It's no wonder we forget the odd thing. That's where OnQ can come in handy at home or in the workplace as a productivity application for iPhone where you can create a memo, attach a reminder to it and send it to your phone (or multiple contacts if you feel like it) to trigger a response when you need it.
One problem with memos is that they are easily forgotten. Not anymore! OnQ is a free iPhone application that lets you create a memo, attach a reminder to it and send it to your contacts’ phones. Memos sent with OnQ will trigger a reminder on your contacts’ phones at the right moment. You can create your memos using various formats - text, voice or both. If you like you can attach an image to it and set it for a particular time one or you can set a recurring reminder - so there is no chance it will be ignored or forgotten. Of course you can keep the note with the reminder on your own phone so it will remind you of what needs to be done and when needs it to be done or you can send your memo to multiple contacts simultaneously. You can use OnQ for note taking, reminders, notes sharing, messaging -- but the key feature that sets it apart is the ability to send memos with reminders to your contact network. OnQ can be used for personal communications (sending reminders to friends, spouse and kids, sending out invitations, birthday cards) and in business -- for setting up meetings, sending out company memos to employees, communicating with co-workers in the field. In fact, if you need to remind anyone about anything - OnQ could be the thing to do it.
Simple but effective- that's how I like my apps. OnQ does exactly what it says it's going to do and doesn't pretend to be the best app in the world. It is a free and easy to use productivity application for IPhone that makes sure you don't have to forget anything ever again. It lets you attach one-time or recurring reminders to time-sensitive memos and make sure your message will not slip through the cracks. You can include an image that will help the recipient understand a task or just to make your memo livelier. Whether it's remembering to buy your partner flowers for their birthday or getting a nudge to call back that client when you said you would, OnQ fills the bill. These are memos you can't forget about.

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