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Review posted Fri 4 Nov '11
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 It's funny but I was just saying the other day that I haven't seen too many font apps lately and here is a beauty. Whilst most office applications that probably came with your computer have a heap of default fonts installed. There's a couple of problems there though. Quite often, you can't actually see what the typeface looks like until you have it in your document. Secondly, there aren't those really cool and unusual fonts available to make your presentation something special. FontIneed has solved both those problems in one by having 50,000 fonts available including many bespoke ones and all viewable immediately before you use them. is your best resource for free, hand picked, high quality fonts. This domain design writing tool collects over 50,000 quality fonts from award winning font designers. FontIneed allows you to browse fonts alphabetically, by theme or by date and allows you to preview your desired text to see if it suits your needs and expectations. Almost all the fonts are free of cost but always read the license terms and conditions for each font you are downloading, just in case. Font designers and creators can easily upload and share their fonts to be downloaded by other people. is a must for anyone who works in desktop publishing. Fonts available at are either GNU/GPL, Freeware, free for personal use, Donationware, Shareware or Demo. 

While there are a few good font apps out there very few will be as comprehensive as this one. FontIneed's catalogue of 50,000 fonts is all that you will ever need to make your project look even more special. It does rather annoy me that I can't see what my typeface looks like before I choose it on my default computer so I love the fact that I can see immediately what it looks like. FontIneed is a great free domain design tool that the home user will love as much as the desktop publisher.

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