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Review posted Wed 14 Sep '11
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This is a great looking and very comprehensive on-line accounting package available in a number of countries across the globe. From the basic business functions of buying and selling the system is capable of spreading this information across every type of accounting feature that you and your accountant will need.

To most business owners, first and foremost in their mind is how much have they sold this month, how does it compare to last month and who owes them money? The app pre-empts this mentality with the home page showing just that information plus a summary of bank account balances.

The sales and purchase sections list all open items along with a debtor/creditor summary and graphs showing monthly comparisons. It is from here that new sales and purchase entries are created.

With the ability to view daily bank account balances along with sales, purchase and payment information, the system will enable you to create budgets and forecasts and match them to actual performance data.

Reporting functions are very good and cover all activities. The management report includes profit & loss, balance sheet, debtors and creditors information, all exported to PDF and ready for inclusion in any management meeting pack.

Yendo has many features that will ensure that your profit & loss and balance sheet show the true story of both performance and net worth. Included in these are sales tax obligation management and a fixed asset register with automatic monthly depreciation.

This is real accounting and one that your accountant would probably like the password for. For businesses looking for more than just invoicing and CRM functions Yendo can crunch your numbers, help you budget and provide you with nominal ledger, trial balance, profit & loss account and a balance sheet.


Fuss free accounting package that you can share with your accountant. Easy on the eye and easy on the user, the level of information and reporting generated is impressive.

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