NextPunch: Keep your mobile employees honest

Review posted Sun 12 Feb '12
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NextPunch is a time tracking business tool with a difference. Where this business application for your mobile phone differs is that it is geared towards employees that spend a lot of time out of the office. There are several ways for your workers to 'clock-in' but one of them includes phoning in from their location. But to keep your mobile workers honest NextPunch allows you to restrict  the location where they can clock in and out from. So, when they say they are on the road heading for a valued customer you will know for sure they are not at the racetrack.
NextPunch is an employee time and attendance application for businesses that is similar to recently reviewed apps like DeskTime, and Smart Employee Scheduling. The difference here, though is that NextPunch specializes in businesses with mobile service employees and helps you keep track of the hours your employees are working, where they are working from not to mention just what they are working on. There are three ways this information can be collected. Through the web by logging onto a computer, via their mobile phone or by calling in and out via a toll free phone number. However, to make sure your employees are using the product properly and honestly it allows you to restrict the location of where they can clock in and out. Now you will know that when an employee clocked in for work they did so from the location that they were supposed to be at. Totaling up your payroll is very simple, too. When you log in you can simply click a couple of buttons and out comes a report that can be imported into your payroll provider of choice. NextPunch guarantees 100% accuracy on the time stamps, so there is never any question of when an employee actually clocked in or out of work. Security is excellent and there is no need to worry about whether employees can find out information about other employees or managers.
There has always been a problem for employers when trying to verifying employees' hours worked when they send most of their time on the road or out of the office environment. NextPunch seem to have solved that problem by developing an easy way to clock in and clock out from remote locations. It's 'icing on the cake' moment comes with it's verification methods to ensure your workers stay honest. And payroll has never been easier - just a couple of clicks and your report is ready. At between US$4 and US$12 per month NextPunch is a cost effective way of keeping track of your payroll.

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