Evergreen: Keep your schedule blooming year-round with Evergreen

Review posted Sun 23 Oct '11
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Here's a novel idea that I haven't seen much before. Evergreen is an appointment scheduling application that minimizes the back and forth phone or email communication of creating and confirming appointments by installing an Evergreen widget on their website to handle them. Imagine the amount of time it will save for your hard working staff...or yourself. Think of the things you'll be able to do with all that spare time?
Evergreen is an appointment-scheduling tool for businesses that acts like a personal secretary. The web-based software helps small businesses minimize the back-and-forth communication required when setting up appointments and will enable your clients to book appointments online and allow you to reclaim administrative hours and focus on other important business or personal tasks. An employee at a hair salon, tutoring company, massage practice, or other services-based company may spend hours on the phone per week matching open time slots with clients’ availability and preferences. With an Evergreen account, subscribers are largely relieved of this time-consuming task. They can rely on an Evergreen widget on their company website to handle appointments or they can refer clients to their Evergreen mini-site which performs the same function. By delegating calendar management to Evergreen software  employees can reclaim administrative hours and focus on other important business tasks. With Evergreen, you will create happy clients by enabling them to schedule an appointment right when they are thinking about it, wherever they are, for free. Clients can browse your calendar on line to see when you are available and book a time that works best for them. It also allows you to turbo-charge your marketing and client-acquisitions by using it on your existing website or the one Evergreen will  create for you or even on your Facebook page. They also provide you with various ‘Book Now’ buttons that you can place in your emails, Craigslist ads or anywhere your new or existing clients might be.

Evergreen fills a gap in the market when it comes to handling your customer appointments. In the past you would probably have an assistant to handle things like taking and confirming bookings but with things so tight these days it makes sense to consider a business tool to take care of them. Evergreen is an easy to use and handsome looking organization tool that will help small and medium sized businesses to get through these troubled times. It probably won't do much for the employment market though.

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