Latest Motor Sport Weather: Accurate race track weather conditions for motor racing

Review posted Wed 21 Sep '11
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While this sport weather tool is designed to forecast weather conditions for motor race tracks all around the world it's more geared towards the betting person than the traveling one. But whether you watch live or on television and you take your betting seriously you're going to want to know the weather conditions at Melbourne as well as at Silverstone because it will definitely change the way you bet your money.  Latest Motor Sport Weather is designed by fans of motor sport and they know exactly what the racing enthusiast and the betting enthusiast need in a  sporting weather tool. Things you will want to know before you place your bets will include rain, of course.

I can think of more than one driver that seems to lose all driving abilities as soon as a bit of rain falls. It's also going to make a difference which tyres will be used during the race and whether there will be a tyre change during the race. Some drivers handle it better than others. If you are actually going to the race live you'll be wanting to know the conditions so you can choose between the amorak and the mankini. If it's going to rain you might even want to change your travel plans Latest Motor Sport Weather offers a free and accurate weather forecast feed for every track. You can easily search for your track and within a few clicks see a full overview of the next 14 days weather. For each of those days you can also see detailed weather conditions on a 3-hourly basis.

This handsome looking sporting weather tool is probable a must-have for the motor racing enthusiast with a liking for a bit of a flutter. Whether you are betting online, down at the bookies or just against one of your mates at home or at the office it is always wise to have all the information at your fingertips. Imagine how much this free app could make you if you were the only one to know it was going to rain at Watkins Glen. While it is a bit of a fringe market it does what it says it does and it's very easy to use.

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