Far East Business Chinese 1: Learn to converse in business Chinese

Review posted Tue 27 Dec '11
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You've only got to look at the career of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is fluent in Mandarin, to realize the respect the Chinese business community has for someone who can be bothered to learn their language. And with the Chinese economy still booming it is important that you put on your best show when dealing with their business people. Far East Business Chinese is a language app for Android that is specifically designed to teach business people the rudimentaries of conversing with Chinese business people in their own language.
Far East Business Chinese is aimed at foreign business people who are either still in the planning stages or on their way to China to engage in business. The course includes dialogues, vocabulary, grammar and exercises based on common business situations. To test yourself there is even a quiz section that is taken from real-world dialogue. This familiarizes you with the official testing format of the Business Chinese Test. It also gives you a measure of how much of the material you have already mastered. You can practice typing, speaking and writing skills online and get direct feedback from online teachers as well as asking questions or sharing your Chinese learning experiences on the discussion forum.
If you are really serious about doing business with China it is almost essential to have someone in your organization who can have some knowledge of the language. Far East Business Chinese is an excellent place to start as it is geared completely to the sort of dialogue that takes place in a business situation without worrying so much about the superfluous stuff. As we all know, there's so much that can be lost in translation. This free education app will give you an excellent introduction into Chinese business language and methods and might just prevent you making any nasty faux pas' along the way.

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