Fixoodle: Learn the lingo from social fluent speakers

Review posted Tue 3 Apr '12
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One of the most perplexing problems of learning a language online is that it's difficult to get immediate feedback on some of the nuances of the language you are learning. Fixoodle goes some way to addressing this problem by going social and having online friends who speak the lingo oversee and correct any mistakes that you might have made. By connecting you with fluent friends this language and learning application puts a whole new spin on the art of linguistics by letting you converse with native speakers via global messaging, virtual classrooms and video sharing.

Fixoodle is a language and learning application that even has a social side. It enables you to find a language partner to practice speaking and makes it easy to find friends who are learning your language and natively speak the language you are learning. And yes, for the first time, language learning really can have a social side. It works so simply. Post in the language you are trying to learn then sit back and wait for people to correct your writing. Learn from your mistakes and see how a native speaker might write the same thing. Any changes are automatically and clearly highlighted. Alternatively, fix the errors people make in posts written in your native language or a language you know and use the social translation tool to find out how you would say something. Translation is a great way to learn languages. Don't worry if you aren't perfect -- this is social translation. Either way, you get smarter as Fixoodle fixes, corrects or translates your text and its simplicity means that it really is a linguistics tool for everyone. Encourage your social side and improve your language skills by having a conversation with people from around the globe through groups, messaging, videos, and other functions so that you can get to know people from other countries, find language partners, start languages exchanges, and get connected.

Fixoodle is a free language learning community that looks at the study methods from a slightly different angle and makes it more fun, easy and social. Your new native speaking friends can help each other to learn. Rather than plowing through endless textbooks or monotonous monologues, Fixoodle makes the learning process fun and easy. It helps you learn through posting, fixing, requesting, and translating, the goal is to learn other languages and have a little fun while you are at it.

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