Breeze app: Let your time tracking and project management become a Breeze

Review posted Mon 20 Aug '12
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One of the things that always seems to go wrong in business where projects are billed on a time basis is in the billing. I'm sure we've all seen the problems that certain law firms have had when questioned by customers over time tracking issues. The problem doesn't lie with technology however but with staff. So how can you get your staff members organized and working on specific projects and billing their time correctly? Well, the answer could lie with a productivity and time tracking app like this one. Breeze is a revolutionary new app built on the Kanban method that allows you to organize your projects and tasks on one page, showing you who is working on what and how close to completion the project is. It also tells you how much time a job took by having your staff clock on and clock off when they start and finish working on specific projects
Breeze is a set of product management tools that organizes your projects and tasks, shows you what's being worked on, who's working on what, where things are in a workflow and how much time it all took. It delivers all your tasks on a single page in one place and accessible wherever you are and whenever you want to view and work on them. Breeze makes managing projects easy by letting you see everything in one place right in front of you, whether you are just dealing with one project or ten. This makes it easier to visualize every step of your workflow and see what tasks are coming up and makes it easier to finish the work in quicker time with better organization. Breeze works on a very simple and effective Kanban style board allowing you to brainstorm, plan and organize all tasks and problems as well as discussing and leaving feedback. There are a number of powerful tools included with the package included an easy to use editor, task assigment, collaboration as well as the all important time tracking. Task management and collaboration is made easy. Ditch your sticky notes, text files and notepads because Breeze helps you keep track of everything - remember to buy milk, errands, schedule meetings and track housework. It keeps everybody in the same place at the same time.
Breeze is, without doubt, one of the better of the simple to use time tracking and productivity apps on the market - probably because it doesn't try to do too much. It just keeps everyone literally on the same page whether it's just you or you have a team of a hundred. You can invite any number of people to collaborate and there aren't users limits - its one flat price. At US$25 per month for up to ten projects that could be put some of the smaller businesses and individuals off but, with it's organizational abilities, Breeze could still be a very cost effective way of saving time and money. Check out recently reviewed FeedMyApp appraisals of similar apps like TSheets, DeskTime and MYCO Suite to compare and see which one is right for you.

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