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Review posted Fri 23 Sep '11
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Traveling can be a tricky business especially when you are on your own. It would be nice if you could connect  with some trusted and like-minded globe trotters and locals to make your adventures even better though, wouldn't it? Tripl is a social networking travel tool that allows you to interact with cool fellow travelers as well as "must meet" locals.
Tripl is part travel guide and half social network. It was formed out of a travel company called Vacation Relation in Sweden. It's main aim in life is to create a more social and global world through the experience of travel. The general idea of Tripl is to interact with travelers and locals recommended by others in your social network. Recommended locals are people your social friends have met, and enjoyed the company of, when traveling around the world. You can add the people you meet on your adventures too and pretty soon your social travel network will be booming. By keeping in touch with your social friends you can find out whe they are going to be at any given time and it makes it easy to catch up.

If you can get enough people into your social network then Tripl is a great idea if you are traveling around alone or with friends. By keeping in touch with people you meet and like on your travels continues the holiday experience and makes it easy to share experiences and photographs and memories. You can share information on places you've been. Tripl is a fun social travel tool but can also be used as a business tool as well if you use it properly. Now who wants to go to Barcelona next year?

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