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Review posted Sun 20 Jan '13
Haloo - Live Chat, Dating, Meet New People Haloo - Live Chat, Dating, Meet New People Info Visit

The way that we meet potential dating partners has really changed over the last ten years. While many prefer to meet new people out on the streets or in bars and clubs there is a huge market out there that has no interest in meeting up in a late night alcohol fuelled environment. Many prefer to do their initial interactions over the net and organizations like eHarmony given the credibility to the online dating phenomenon and have had a huge effect on our social habits. Haloo is a new free dating application for iOS that adds a huge dollop of social interaction on top of its dating side to give you a place to meet new people, chat in groups or one-on-one, exchange photos and videos, find people close to where you live and give you a chance to get to know someone before you commit to a face to face meeting.
Haloo is a dating app that offers a seemless and very attractive package that leans heavily on its social side. Not only does it present a way to meet plenty of people it also gives you the chance to chat, get social and find out more about them. You can live chat in a group and exchange videos and pictures with the drag and drop feature with your new found friends and, if you feel the need, you can  chat one-on-one with anyone you like in your virtual private room. There is unlimited real-time messaging and a great little innovation is that you can find people close to you with the 'locator' function. With a single tap you can see a list and view the profiles of potential friends both within walking distance and all the way on the other side of the world. Find the buzz happening nearby, join in with conversations and see what and who is happening around you. Stumble Haloo gets you chatting with someone right away and randomly finds a guy or girl for you to chat with. You can let people know you’re here with Broadcast Haloo and invite other users near you to chat in a group. Where many are nervous about their security in dating sites, Haloo addresses that by offering to completely or partially hide your profile while still allowing you to participate whilst being invisible to everyone else. You can also sneak a peek at other people's profiles without leaving a trace that you were there.
There are more dating apps out there than there are days in the year but very few offer the social interaction that this one does. There aren't many that look quite as clean, simple and downright cool as this one does, either. Haloo has a beautiful and unique user interface that is unlike all the others with very different designs for women and men. It's a free service for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with several paid options that offer a whole heap of added extras if you decide to upgrade. Probably the thing that will attract people most, though, is the locator function that lets you interact and get to know people in the area around you. Whether its love or friendship that you are looking for, Haloo is a wonderfully social way to help you get to know people locally or anywhere else in the world.

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