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Review posted Fri 31 Aug '12  ·  130 comments
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The way you share information through your social network can, at times, be a little flawed. It's all very well if the story you are trying to tell is specific to your social friends but what about if you want to get your message across to people in your local area for advertising or promotional purposes? You could fiddle with your Facebook settings and send your message to local friends and hope they pass it on or you can turn to something a little more specific. Sunlize offers a different way of spreading the word through your local area and turns this social sharing application into a business and promotional tool.
Sunlize is a new local sharing app that believes that today's social networks limit the way you share information. Thats why the developers have put together this app that offers a better and smarter way of letting you share and spread anything around you to your area. Where it differs from your normal social networks is by not limiting the things you share to circles or lists of friends and it means that you can share messages, videos and links your local area. This new social network lets you create online businesses or events and personalize them to get more people involved and people to follow your brand, whatever it may be. By doing this, Sunlize helps local businesses to reach more consumers and, at the same time, enhances people relationships helping your potential customers find other users that have the same interests and are close to them. Your shared information has a greater chance of reaching your target audience. With people being very  influenced by things that happen in their local  area Sunlize displays more relevant results using a better, real time search engine. Promote anything around you and don't waste all your time sharing your work on websites that don't return the favor. Instead, surround yourself with links with your favorite messages, webpages, business & events and let them gravitate around you and your area. When you find something you like, you can "Sunlize it" and the post will spread around your area and followers.
The local businessperson needs something to counteract the dominance of big retailers and online sales, that's for sure, and Sunlize could well be just the thing to help. It offers localized advertising possibilities that you can't quite achieve with other social networks and it's kind of surprising that the big three  haven't taken it on board. To me, having this option of localizing your feeds is a major bonus as opposed to just feeding your friends and it's an easy way of pointing your promotions in a specific direction. Sunlize is a free way of boosting your local business. It would be silly to ignore it.

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