Cycloramic: Look Mom! 360 degree videos and photos on my iPhone.

Review posted Sat 9 Feb '13
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Now here is a spellbinding new photo and video application for iOS 5 that will truly bamboozle and amaze your friends when you unleash it on them for the first time. Cycloramic is a great that lets you take panoramic 360 degree videos and photos totally hands free. Whereas users who have already upgraded to iOS 6 have the benefit of the Panorama mode, Cycloramic does the same thing for iPhone 5 by allowing you to set it down upright on a smooth surface and watch as it gently spins on its base and takes smooth flowing film as it completes its complete circle.
Seriously, your friends are going to gasp and smile broadly when they get a look at this fun photo and video app doing its stuff. As Apple seems to do on a regular basis, Cycloramic brings you a whole new way to take panoramic pictures. It lets you take panoramic photos and videos so easily, you can do it with your eyes closed - with iPhone 4/4S/5 -  or handsfree - with iPhone 5.So how does the app achieve these mind blowing activities you may ask? Using the app you can just set your iPhone 5 to 'Vibrate on Silent' and 'Vibrate on Ring' and remove the cover or protection so that it is back to its shiny self. Then place your iPhone 5 in an upright position on a smooth, level surface like glass, marble or polished wood. You can try it on any number of different surfaces but make sure they’re smooth, flat and level. Finally, hit “Go” and the 360-degree shooting begins. As your iPhone vibrates, the exact frequency of the vibrations is controlled by the app and sees it uncannily yet gracefully turn 360.  Cycloramic also now takes panoramic photos through either a handsfree mode using iPhone 5 or using the guided mode for iPhone 4/4S/5 which takes your hand and guides you to make sure you take a perfectly aligned panoramic picture.
I've seen a few reviews of Cycloramic that suggest that it looks almost demonic in its hands free mode as it eerily turns a full circle while filming. While I wouldn't quite go that far I can see the similarities. Certainly, the sight of an iPhone turning 360 degrees on its own conjures up some interesting possibilities. The realtors of the world are going to have a field day with it, that's for sure. You can share your content easily on Facebook and use either the front or rear camera. One thing that’s for sure, Cycloramic is going to bring a lot of smiles to a lot of faces.

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