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Review posted Thu 11 Oct '12
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There had to be a better thing to be done with your iPhone camera than taking random films of your friends being silly or shaky long shots of your favorite band. Cineverse is a creative movie-making app that lets you film a short movie  on your iPhone, add captions, images and text to it along with character photos of your friends. Create a title and end credits and you've got yourself something far more amusing than a film of your friend stuffing a whole burger into his mouth, don't you think?
Cineverse is a movie-making video application where you direct a short movie using your iPhone. You can then add fun captions, images and text to the movie and cast your friends as 'actors' in the film using photos you've taken on your camera and overlaying them on top of your video. Write a title or end credits for your movie and add them in at the beginning and the end. Or, if you like, you can draw your own 'actors'- images or props that move around throughout your film however you like. Let's say you directed a short film about the recent Cincinnati Color Run, you can add your own images of the friends who weren't there running in the race. You can make your friends do funny things like somersaults and crash into people too, if you like. You can the add any text you like such as "Ready To Run" or "CRASHHH!!!" and move the text around in your movie. You can even draw a dog, a cocktail glass or a tree or anything else you like using freehand in numerous colors - perfect for the Color Run. You can edit and revise your movies whenever you like and share them with your friends on Cineverse. Watch movies made by other Cineverse users and 'like' them if they're one of your favorites. Get ideas from other filmmakers as you watch their animated creations and continue sharing your own. On Cineverse, you can direct new movies all the time and become a better filmmaker as you go. Cineverse is great for all types of short video animation on the go and, with this app, you're always in the director's chair!
Cineverse would be a great app to create cool videos to feature on the recently reviewed Memplai and Pintubest applications. This is a great fun video and movie-making application for iPhone that goes to prove that there is something meaningful you can do with your camera. Cineverse is an easy to use app that differs from similar apps in the use of the freehand drawing to add something extra to your video editing. So, the next time you are planning to film that gig you are going to at the Palace, you can fuse video and art with this fun tool.

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