Lionel Messi HD live wallpaper: Make Messi your new sporting role model

Review posted Mon 22 Apr '13
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To the initiated, let me just take a few minutes to tell you about Lionel Messi. In case you aren't aware, Messi is an Argentinian superstar football (or soccer) player who plays for the Spanish club Barcelona and has won the coveted FIFA Ballon D'or award as Best European player four times now. He's as tricky as Maradona or Pele without any of the controversies of the former or the legendary celebrity of the latter. He hasn't been pictured on the front page of the newspaper with numerous prostitutes nor he has been connected with any drug taking scandals. He is, what you would call, a great sporting role model. Now you can celebrate all things Messi with this very cool and groovy Android wallpaper app and have the great one festooned over your mobile with the rain pouring over him.
Its hard to get across to you non-football lovers just how good Messi actually is. If you could imagine someone with the downright trickyness of NBA player Allen Iverson coupled with the longevity of Kobe Bryant or maybe someone with the domination of his sport Ussain Bolt you are nearly there. There is never a match where Messi doesn't stamp his mark whether it is for his La Liga club or his country. This app let's you celebrate the majesty of the man with HD Live Wallpaper of Messi in the rain. And it looks damned good on your phone. On a technical side, you can choose which direction the rain will come from with simple selectable directions in the settings area. You can also change the motion and heavyness And speed of the raindrops. The fact is though - even though the app does actually look pretty damned good - this is an app that is all about one of the worlds greatest sporting heroes.
Lionel Messi HD Live Wallpaper is a fitting tribute to one of the unsung heroes of world sport and the app looks like a million dollars on your Android. It's easy to use and there are a few cool things you can do with the app like making it rain harder or from a different direction but, let's face it, the app is all about Messi. If you are looking for a great role model for your kids and trying to encourage them to play a slightly less physical game then it doesn't get much better than Messi. He's been widely acknowledged as the top football player in the world for the last four or five years and just keeps breaking records. In 2012 he scored an astonishing 91 goals in the year surpassing the previous best in 1972. For a guy of just 5ft 7inches tall he does pretty good! Get a new role model now and show your sporting friends just how cool you are with this free live sporting wallpaper app.

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