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Review posted Thu 15 Nov '12  ·  21 comments
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When you make a good contact these days it's not just a question anymore of handing over your business card and hoping for the best. There are many ways of trying to get an influential contact to remember and interact with you. In the app field there are plenty of business customer relations management (CRM) applications around but they are usually built around the company you work for. Five Hundred Plus is a dashboard built on top of the LinkedIn API that keeps you personally in touch with the individual's you come in contact with in your business dealings.
In a homage to LinkedIn, if someone has more than 500 connections on LinkedIn, it’s displayed as 500+. Five Hundred Plus is a web-based dashboard that helps users never lose touch with their business connections. After having tried almost every CRM solution under the sun to manage their own business network, the creators of Five Hundred Plus had grown sick of endless tabs, clicks, tabs, reports, calendars and features. So they came up with the simplest solution possible: A drag-drop dashboard of contacts that makes it quick and easy to cultivate a network. Whether you are in tech, sales, journalism, PR or any other industry where a wide network of contacts is the key to doing business, cultivating that network can make the difference between success and failure. It helps you cultivate your most valuable connections and always remember what you said to them last time you were in touch and when you should get back in touch so they don't forget you. Five Hundred Plus is an application that uses LinkedIn to help you make the most of your most valuable connections and is inspired by the best CRM tools. But, different to most CRM's this one focuses on your own personal network as opposed to your company's.
Five Hundred Plus is one of those apps where you wonder why no one thought of it before. By turning the contact concept on its head so that it's all about your personal interaction rather than your company's contact it certainly changes the way you look at a CRM. Because it is tied up to LinkedIn the app is completely free. It's simple to use and could well be one of those apps that you use as second nature when keeping contact with the people you meet on your business travels.

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