CircuitBee: Make your circuits live!

Review posted Tue 20 Sep '11
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While CircuitBee may be considered a niche market, it's massively important to that very market in that accuracy and understanding are at the very core of it's existence. So when you need to share a live version of your circuit schematics on your online website or blog the clearest and most concise way of presenting your baby to the world is by using the design share tool CircuitBee.
CircuitBee works in a similar way to Google Maps in that it allows you to pan, zoom, go fullscreen, mouse over components with more to come. It takes your schematic project files and converts them into into it's own internal format before providing you with an embeddable version of the circuit for your website. The alternatives tend to be either a giant PDF, which is inconvenient as well as being unattractive, or a blurry screenshot. Currently they only support KiCad schematics since they couldn't find good documentation on the file formats used by other software. They intend to expand to other popular schematic capture software like Eagle and Fritzing in the near future.

CircuitBee is the product of a small two man team who set out to solve a big problem that they had while tackling their last big project. They seem to have done that quite well. This design share tool is very easy to use and navigate. Technically it's all beyond me but it all seemed to work just how they said it would and the concept of Google Maps on a circuit board tickles my fancy somewhat. CircuitBee deals with a small but very important problem in getting precise and detailed information and finding a way to make it accessible as clearly and accurately as possible. It does it well.

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