Picscatter: Make your Facebook Timeline page stand out from the crowd

Review posted Tue 7 Feb '12  ·  155 comments
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By now everyone has the opportunity to modify their Facebook page to Timeline. Yeah, we all moaned about it at first but now we've got used to it we realize that it's actually pretty cool. But now you want to make it look even better, don't you? Picscatter is a Facebook Timeline cover design application that is similar to the likes of Timeline Cover Banner and newFBCover that will make your timeline page really stand out from the crowd.
Picscatter is a Facebook Timeline cover maker application that let's you create many different timeline banners with more than a touch of class about them. You can either use one of the stock 'wallpaper' images on site or upload a picture or set of pictures of your own. And that's where Picscatter gets interesting because, despite there being a veritable plethora of banner makers available to tart up your page, no one is doing it quite like this one. One of the things that has changed most with Timeline is it's emphasis on photos and images. Whereas previously the onus was on you to provide some visual inspiration on your page, Timeline virtually throws photos at the viewer. Picscatter let's you display your banner photos with a fair bit more panache based on your friends, your likes or your photos. Once you have your photo or photos uploaded you can then warp them into a very cool looking banner with a bunch of extra special effects. And it looks great.
There are plenty of things in Picscatter to put a smile on your face. For a start it is a very simple design application to use and, you can have your banner completed in three clicks and about two minutes. Then there is the ability to stamp your own personality on your pages by using any number of your favorite photos. If you like you can have a collage of your friends' profile photos or the best bits of your Facebook 'likes' spread across your page. Thirdly, there are some great effects you can warp your images with which are pretty eye-catching pieces of work. And last but certainly not least is the fact that it's free. It's a belter!

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