Pholiofy: Making it easy to publish your pages on Facebook

Review posted Sat 22 Oct '11
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I'm surprised that more people don't advertise their services on Facebook. After all, it's one of the last free advertising mediums left and, arguably, it's one of the biggest. But there's a difference between just creating an advert and creating a Facebook Page that can amuse and really engage with your customers. Pholiofy is a Facebook business design tool that helps you create a multifaceted smorgasbord of images, videos and feeds in your Facebook Page easily and quickly.
Pholiofy is a Facebook Pages publishing platform that removes all the barriers to businesses who are trying to engage with their customers on Facebook. Built on easy to use WordPress, with a one time, one click application install, designers and non designers can publish their content on Facebook quickly and easily. You can upload images, embed videos, create polls for your users, run your Twitter feed into your Page as well as  having multiple pages with a menu system just like a regular website. Facebook has changed the way custom tabs appear on the business Pages. They now have to be hosted externally and iframed into Facebook through the use of an app.
You dont have to have a degree in design to use Pholiofy either. Just upload your logo, pick a colour, enter your content and publish! Pholiofy allows you to create a mini website. Just like any website, you can add Google Analytics to track your hits, clicks, goals and bounces.

Yes well this is the go, isn't it? Pholiofy is a serious contender for the best Facebook business tool of the year. At just C$8 per month or C$85 per year it certainly is a cost affective solution to all your Facebook Page advertising from design and layout to post analysis. Let's face it, you could do all this yourself but I figure that if you are going to utilize the free advertising you may as well spend a little on making it the best Page in town.

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