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Review posted Tue 3 Jul '12  ·  17 comments
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Take a look at your desk! It's a bit of a mess isn't it? It's lucky that you know whats going on because there are bits of paper all over the place that only you know what to do with. Your computer is a bit like that too, i bet. All of us try to organize our work life neatly and efficiently but you will find your contacts in one place and your correspondence somewhere else. But it doesn't have to be like that. VIPorbit is an easy way to manage your contacts and communications for iOS  that links everything together to seamlessly make your customer relations work run even more smoothly.
VIPorbit is a great way to manage your contacts, calendars and communications on the iPhone and iPad. VIPorbit is the only full-featured mobile relationship manager designed for managing business relationships on the iPhone and was developed by the co-inventor of the contact management application ACT!, VIPorbit manages all the details about your contacts enabling you to deal with more people more effectively. It provides business professionals with an affordable, easy-to-use,  anytime and anywhere solution that allows them to deal with more people more effectively, elevating the value of their relationships. Your contacts and calendar are linked together for easy communication, scheduling, automated activity tracking (including a chronology of calls,) meetings, to-do lists and notes. All very customizable so you can modify the app to capture the info you need. With VIPorbit, you'll turn relationships into business assets.
I've described here many of the things you can do by using VIPorbit but, in reality, there are many more tools here that the forward thinking customer relations manager will relish. But it's primary existence begins as an organizational app that puts everything on the same page enabling a smoother ride through the business of customer relations. However, the secondary effect is in building relationships with customers that will come about through better communication. No longer will you have search through files on your computer of the pieces of paper strewn over your desk. It's all there in front of you. VIPorbit is a powerful and easy to use app that will organize your life better.

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