Centralized Inventory: Manage your inventory across all your platforms

Review posted Thu 4 Oct '12  ·  39 comments
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Developers Bizelo have made their name by creating accounts, supply and business management applications, so they know what they are doing when it comes to delivering a good, solid and innovative set of business tools. Centralized Inventory is an easy way to manage your stock inventory across all your stores and warehouses whether they are Main Street retail or online stores. And coming in at under twenty five bucks per month it could be the best way of knowing what you have in stock and what you might be almost running out of.
Bizelo are well known for their excellent, affordable, easy to use and reliable small business apps that are industry specific and help you better understand and manage your business and Centralized Inventory is no different. It is one of the easiest ways of managing your inventory across multiple stores and warehouses. It lets you keep track of inventory quantities across multiple online and offline stores. Just enter your item once into the centralized inventory management system and it will propagate to all of your connected e-commerce storefronts. The optimized, automated packing lists make sure you include the right items from the right shelves in your packages without any waste. Track your goods all in one place for all your storefronts as well as getting a rundown of the shipping and packaging costs for zero-revenue items. It's just as important to know if you're making or losing money on shipping and packing as it is on product costs.
For the small businessperson there always seems to be a neverending list of things to do and there is never enough time to achieve everything. Some things always get left behind and stock control is something that is often the last thing on the list leading to some of your best selling items being out of stock when you and your customers need them. Centralized Inventory aggregates all your stock across all your platforms automatically when entered so that all your outlets know where everything is - even your ecommerce stores. This fine set of business tools is designed to make the small businessperson's life just a little bit simpler.

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