Go Pro Travelling: Map and blog your air and road trips in the same place

Review posted Tue 22 May '12
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Regular FeedMyApp readers will know how much we like a good travel app and Go Pro Travelling is certainly a good travel app...with benefits. With more than a nod in the direction of Gmaps in view of design Go Pro is a comprehensive free travel app that let's you plan, map and personalize your trip and add information and photos pre and post trip before sharing your details with friends and family via your favorite social network.
Go Pro Travelling is a web-based application that allows all kinds of travelers to map, explore and share their trips with extreme detail. It lets you visualize your trip with one screen multiple media and easily save and share your travel maps with your Facebook or Twitter friends in a social environment. Currently it is the only online travel tool that supports multiple transportation modes within the same map and gives users the flexibility to display any destination information they consider valuable. Map your flight and road routes on the same page and make an itinerary and blog (with photos and text) and keep all your travel memories in one place. Such flexibility allows travelers, as well as professionals, to create personalized travel guides as well as multiple itineraries. But where Go Pro Travelling really excels is with its successful implementation of the personalized destination information when using other users' photo albums. It gives a rare insight into the real world of your destination and allows you to truly see what the traveler will see, especially when it is related to a marker or a specific destination. It also contains map messaging within the one screen and initiates the very first directory of user-generated travel maps.
One of Go Pro Travelling's most impressive traits is its versatility. Strangely, it is the only travel app that allows you to map all your routes, whether on the ground or in the air. I would have thought that was a given but apparently not. Thankfully, there aren't any sponsored adds clogging up your space either. This free social travel maps directory and blogging application is a great addition to the travel apps roster as it pretty well replicates other similar apps whilst adding a few of its own. Keep everything in the one place and then share your road trips and inspire your family and friends.

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