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Review posted Sat 10 Mar '12
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If you've ever put a blog or website together you will know what a pain it is to display relevant items and keep them up to date. ShowSpace is a free app that makes it easy for you to gather all sorts of products from all over the web and display them on your blog or website as a way of monetizing your hard work. For example, if you were promoting an artist or band you could not only display their discography but also books, Tshirts and other merchandise associated with them. And so you dont have to keep checking updates and availability of your display product, ShowSpace checks them constantly and changes them accordingly.
ShowSpace is an easy way to monetize your content and, if you wish you could easily display relevant products alongside your blog posts, it could well be exactly what you are looking for. Unlike some other apps you are not just limited to Amazon or eBay for display products or even affiliated platforms as you can add products from any merchant there is on the web and have the products displaying on your website in seconds! Hunting down product image URL's on merchant's pages and then having to copy and paste them into HTML documents and style them one by one is a time consuming thing to do. By the time you've done the last one, the first one could be out of date or simply unavailable anymore. Just add your product as a link and product details are fetched automatically. When product details or it's price changes over time, they will be updated or you will be notified when products become unavailable. Well performing products are promoted, badly performing ones move to the bottom automatically.
The real story here is that ShowSpace Want you to make money so they can make money. It's also a real convenience for you to be able to just put up a link to all the products you want in your online blog or website rather than having to construct then yourself. What's more, they are updated automatically so it leaves you time to concentrate on the reason you started the blog in the first place - writing and designing. If you are a small affair and only want to display up to 50 items then it's all free. Got to be worth thinking about...

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