Food Face Online: Mobile Websites for Restaurants

Review posted Thu 27 Oct '11
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There’s no denying it, people want to do everything on their mobile phones these days. So if they’re out and about and want to check out what’s on offer on your restaurant menu you really should perhaps consider giving them easy access to it. has recognized the need for mobile websites and particularly for the restaurant industry. Regardless of the size of your eatery having a website that’s easy to read and navigate on a mobile device could open up a whole new customer base. The great thing about this site too is that last minute menu changes, specials of the day and promotional offers can be easily added by the user.

By signing up and entering some basic details will streamline a website for you that can be customized in respect of look and color and free from all of those slow loading PDF menu’s so prominent on normal restaurant sites. What’s more if you have an existing Flash website then it just won’t work on a number of devices rendering it useless for all of those hungry folk in the park or at a ball game.

The site can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and OpenTable giving an even wider potential audience. Another bonus is that you don’t have to be an IT expert to edit it.

Accessible from anywhere you can add or change menu items and upload and modify pictures within minutes all without the aid of a webmaster.

This should make life much easier for those who like to make their dining plans on the move and by doing so should have a knock-on effect on the number of hungry mouths coming through your restaurant door.

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