Dominder - websites manager: Monitor all your domains for downtime

Review posted Tue 15 Jan '13
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If you have just the one domain that you monitor it's not too much of a problem to see that it is running 24/7. But when you have multiple sites it's verging on becoming a full-time job to try keep track of them all. If your site is monetized and has some downtime while you aren't looking then it is costing you money and nobody wants that to happen. Dominder is a new internet management application that lets you monitor all your domains from one single easy to navigate control. This makes your workload somewhat lighter and gives you more time to concentrate on the things you do best.
Dominder is a very convenient way to handle the monitoring of your websites no matter how many of them you have. It monitors and notifies you when your prepaid period expires via your email, SMS or by phone meaning you never reach that embarrassing moment when your site goes down when your registration runs out. Once again,this is of great help if you have multiple accounts across several different email addresses and means that the chances of losing your domain is minimal. Dominder checks your domains every 3,5,10 or 60 minutes and lets you know accordingly if something has gone wrong. Your site might get affected by malware and be put on a blacklist of anti-virus programs which can trigger anti virus software to block your site so Dominder checks blacklists daily to make sure yours aren't on them. The app keeps a complete history of screenshots and any changes in your sites and provides plenty of note keeping on each individual domain so you miss nothing. Finally, you can track the expenses on each of your domains in order to organize working conditions properly.
Monitoring your domains, especially from different registrars, is a very tedious and time consuming process so it is almost essential to solve the task with an app like Dominder. It's a very simple app to use and you really only need to add your domain to the app's panel and make any necessary adjustments in order to be up and running. You will then be notified by SMS or email if there are any changes to your domains. If you sign up now they will give you five SMS credits to try out the service.

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