Mobile Monitor: Monitor your mobile employees in real time

Review posted Thu 15 Mar '12
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Did someone mention Big Brother when this mobile phone management app came up for consideration? Let's put it this way, if you do anything untoward while the Mobile Monitor is monitoring your mobile phone use, you're going down like a ton of bricks. Mobile Monitoring is a set of tools for your android and Windows mobile that goes way beyond anything previous by reporting in real-time on all call and text action on the tracked handset. In a nightmare move for some, it even tracks your data if you are calling while driving-which we all know is a bit of a no-no.
Mobile Monitor is a unique handset monitoring app available from Crystal Ball that goes beyond the traditional information usually provided by a monitoring service. It itemizes bills from the mobile networks which usually only provide historical outgoing call and text information details and, even then, they are often only provided monthly in arrears. Mobile Monitor is the first application available which reports in real time on all call and text information on the tracked handset. The Mobile Monitor call log report includes all dialled calls, received calls, missed calls (with time and date stamp) and can even be used to see when the mobile is being operated whilst on the move. A feature that has never been provided by the mobile networks is the content of all text messages being sent and received. The Mobile Monitor text log report shows the full content of all sent and received text messages with time and date stamp and can be used to see if text messages are being sent or received whilst on the move.
This is an app that is going to put the fear of God through a lot of mobile employees but maybe it's more of a look to the future. Pretty soon there will probably be legislation to enforce businesses to be more accountable for their employees that spend a lot of time out of the office. Mobile Monitor is a ruthlessly efficient app that can either be used as a stand alone product or as a bolt-on with Mobile Track and literally logs everything you use your work affiliated android or Windows phone for. If you are driving and calling or texting it will log it. If you are sending private messages to the boss's other half it will not only log it but it will also have the full text available. If these are problems that your business feels it needs to address then Mobile Monitoring fits the bill perfectly.

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