Audriga Migrate Mail: Move emails, folders and multiple accounts to a new provider fast

Review posted Fri 14 Dec '12  ·  3 comments
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There are a number of reasons why people are reluctant to change over their email service. Apart from losing your precious email address that you've used for years the biggest problem seems to be the hassle of physically changing everything over to a new provider. It's roughly the equivalent of changing your bank account. Auriga Migrate Mail is a new email SaaS application that makes switching providers simply, easily and quickly.
There are many reasons why we might switch over to a  new  email provider but very few of us actually go through with it. I swear that many providers, much like the banks, make it awkward to change over just to prevent you from leaving. It's not so bad if you are only dealing with a small single account but where you start to run into problems is with large volumes of data or multiple mailboxes. The reason to switch could be a pricing issue, a usability issue or maybe your provider doesn't offer a mobile service. Whatever the reason you want it to be  quick and painless. The Audriga Migrate Mail service allows you to move your emails from an existing mail account to a new one without the necessity for any software installation.  It's not so bad if you are only dealing with a small single account but where you start to run into problems it's with large volumes of data or multiple mailboxes. The easy-to-use web interface guides you through the setup process and provides a cockpit to monitor the migration process. To access your existing mails the mail protocols IMAP and POP3 are supported. You can access the migration service for emails and folders with your browser and, as soon you have configured your email accounts, your data can be immediately transfered to your new provider. Audriga supports many providers and, for the single user, the app is totally free with an option aimed at hosters, IT consultants and larger users that is priced around fifteen bucks per email account.
Anything to make email migration faultless and hassle-free has got to be a good thing and Audriga Migrate Mail is a simple answer to the problem. And if you have multiple email accounts you have a veritable potential minefield of problems on your doorstep. It solves the large migration problem quickly and easily and you won't lose anything along the way or have to deal with multiple copies turning up.  It's easy to use, it's free for the small time user but where it will really come in useful will be for multiple accounts. I'm happy to fork out fifteen bucks if it makes life easier. Now can someone design one for the banks please?

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