Funi Player: Much more than just another music player

Review posted Tue 14 Feb '12
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There are plenty of music player applications available but there aren't too many that do the things that FuniPlayer does. You see, apart from being a regular music player, this one has a few other snappy tricks up it's sleeves. For a start you can strip all the music off a song and be left with just the vocals - acappella style. Or you can turn it round and take the vocals off the instrumental and have your own karaoke versions of your favorite can even play it backwards or speed. It up or slow it down if you want to.
FuniPlayer provides you with a music player that shows another side of music! Choose your required song and treat it with the acappella effect and you will only hear the vocal part of the song with the instrumental part removed. Adversely,just hear the instrumental version of a song by removing the vocals with vocal removed effect. Whats more, it is immediate and happens in real time. It is also possible to play your songs in reverse direction or you can change the playing speed to faster or slower.  It is not simply a question of taking out the left or right channel and the sound isin true stereo. The player itself presents all the features you would hope for in a normal music player and more. If you add music or a playlist to your  iPod, Funi Player will update its library automatically, so there is no need to add songs again. While playing music in your iPod you  can even turn on your Funi Player and control the music continuously from there.
One thing's for sure, there isn't another music player application that allows you to do the specific things that FuniPlayer can do. Acappella only, instrumental only for when you want to hold your own karaoke competition, speed it up or slow the song down. If you want to check for subliminal messages you can even play it backwards (so Judas Priest had better watch out.) FuniPlayer is a fun music player that looks great and plays all your music fast. When I look at music apps I usually favor one's that simply play the music you want to hear with no unnecessary extras but FuniPlayer actually gives you a little extra that you will use.

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