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Review posted Sun 12 Feb '12  ·  28 comments
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There are times when your music collection just doesn't cut it anymore. There is little that inspires you and the radio isn't giving you the music you crave. MoreChoonz to the rescue! Here is a social music and video application for your iPhone or Android that gives you the latest recommendations of the best music from all over the world. Rather than limiting yourself to reading reviews from critics that you know little about, MoreChoonz provides suggestions that you can watch, hear and save as well as being able to create your own playlists and share your new faves to your favorite social networking site.
MoreChoonz is a very simple and effective music player like the recently reviewed Choruzz and Redolf Music that survives with very few airs and graces. Not only can you hear heaps of completely varied styles of music from the world over but you can also create and share your selected playlist tracks with your friends through your Facebook and Twitter accounts. MoreChoonz features a very user friendly interface with no pretentions and distractions to confuse the issue. Save your favorite songs to your custom playlists and get up to date suggestions on the best music from around the globe. You can easily play, pause and enjoy continuous play from your selected playlists and manage your favorite network of contributors in the mix area from wherever you may find them. If you like you can even get tickets to see your favorite bands play live.
Sometimes all you want is a music player that simply let's you play the music you want to hear. MoreChoonz is a neat and tidy music and video application for your iPhone and Android that does simply that. As an added bonus you can hear a whole bunch of new suggestions that are added continuously and, when you have created your playlists, you can share your lists on Facebook or Twitter. While I'm not totally convinced that the world needs another music player app MoreChoonz is as good as any.

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