TuneUp Mobile: Never miss a song title on the radio again

Review posted Wed 2 May '12
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It's very annoying when you hear a song on the radio and you don't get a back announcement on who it is. Or maybe you are out at a mall somewhere and a song that you like but have no idea who it s comes on over the system. One of the most frustrating of all is when it comes on during a movie or as part of a tv show. Damned frustrating, isn't it? Well, Tuneup Mobile solves that problem with ease...and then gives you even more. This Shazam-like music recognition application for iDevices hits all the right notes and tells you who is playing that song that you  can't get out of your head.
TuneUp Mobile is an easy-to-use and free music recognition and discovery application for all iOS devices. The app is a natural extension of TuneUp, the widely popular plugin for iTunes. TuneUp offers must-have digital music management and discovery features for iTunes. Using the same cutting-edge acoustic fingerprinting technology that powers TuneUp's desktop app, TuneUp Mobile can identify almost any song playing anywhere. Tap the “Listen” button, and the song will be identified in as little as three seconds, with lyrics, geo-tagging and sharing options. It is completely free with unlimited song identifications. Unlike some other similar apps, there is zero advertising. Another advantage with TuneUp Mobile is that it is the only song recognition app that will scan the music on your mobile phone or tablet to diagnose incorrect song information, missing album artwork and duplicate tracks and then use TuneUp on your desktop to clean up your entire music library.
Technology moves so fast these days. For us music fans it was always a nightmare trying to find out a specific song on the radio or tv because they rarely back announced who it was you just heard. The on yeah to find out was to keep your ears open the next time it was on. But now, with apps like TuneUp Mobile and Shazam, you can just hold up your mobile device and, not only can I find out who it is and what's it's called, but I can also find out the album it comes from, get the artwork and even song along with the provided lyrics. When people tell you the old days were so good - this is another way to tell them that it wasnt.

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