CamFind: The new intuitive way of getting photo info online

Review posted Wed 1 May '13
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Judging by the fact that CamFind logged up over 50,000 downloads in its first week of release it's easy to see that it is an in-demand commodity in the photo share world. This iOS photo recognition app works in the same way that Google Goggles works for the Android in that it gives you a great search engine for information on the photos you have taken. But, while Goggles has a 15-20% accuracy rate on identifying locations from photos, CamFind ups the ante somewhat with an accuracy level that hits around 85%. What's more, it can identify your photos from all those weird angles too.
CamFind is a free new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that is designed to give the user an easy access to mobile visual search - all while you are on-the-go. CamFind is like Google Goggles, but goes above and beyond it in terms of accuracy. Basically, its a brilliant way of searching for places in the big wide world from an image rather than by using text. The app is also capable of identifying objects from any angle. Its very simple to use. You just take a picture, have it identified by CamFind and then be prompted with the huge amount of information that the app serves up including internet search results, related or similar images, Yelp results, price comparisons and online shopping, related places and address finder, film posters and DVD recognition. There are also a whole bunch of extra features including a language translator, a QR and barcode reader, text search, voice search, voiceover of identified objects and automatic flash and focus. Then you can simply save your images to, or upload others from,  your camera roll.
I guess this is where photo recognition has taken us to these days. I remember watching the movie Bladerunner years ago and being amazed with the stuff they could do using photo recognition but the future is here now with CamFind. It may be a tad slower to search than Google Goggles but it's accuracy levels are close to four times better and you can even identify photos from different angles making it a very flexible and usable iOS app that shows the direction the world is heading. Pretty soon, you will just have to think of a place and you will be able to find out everything about it.

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