MindiT: A new type of bookmarking

Review posted Sun 18 Dec '11
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Bookmarking can be the bane of our existence. No matter how much we like to keep them organized they always seem to be in a mess. Maybe it is the way we bookmark them? MindiT is a free productivity app that heralds a new method of bookmarking based on the mind mapping style where you can group like minded bookmarks in a graphical representation to make finding them more convenient and research easier.
The MindiT Bookmarking Tool delivers easily accessible bookmarking and an online bookmarking manager with a twist. It's a free online utility to gather and manage snippets of information but, instead of using standard lists,  bookmarks are organized in a mindmap like graphical representation. The tool is especially useful when researching topics online or for any task involving the collection and organization of large amounts of online information. This bookmarking tool contains many varied features including the aforementioned mindmap-like graphical display of bookmarks, simple searching and adding of notes, the automatic placement of new bookmarks in the best place on your mindmap, the automatic extraction of search tags and keywords from the web page bookmarked and the ability to share lists with friends or colleagues.
All LinkMaps are stored online and can be easily accessed from anywhere or shared with friends and colleagues.
I hate bookmarking things. I almost wish that there was a tool which just made them disappear after one session. MindiT certainly does do something different with the bookmarks though and, for research purposes especially, I found the mind-mapping method quite brilliant. It's quite refreshing to have all one's links laid out around you in their own specific sections. It will be hard to go back to a conventional style afterwards. As you may have guessed, I find this bookmarking tool adds a pleasant difference to research and study work. This free tool features a plethora of fine features. See if it makes a mark with you too.

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