acumbamail: The new way to create, design and market your email campaign

Review posted Fri 21 Mar '14
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It wasn't that long ago when email marketing was lumped in with the dreaded 'spam' word and was something to be avoided. It had its brief day in the sun but it became obvious that blanket emailing was largely a waste of time and money and better results would come from a much more targeted audience and a marketing campaign that can be tracked and analyzed. Acumbamail is a new email marketing and tracking application that makes it simple and cheap to manage a fully customized email campaign and get stats and analysis galore to track how well it is working.
Acumbamail is an easy, simple and cheap marketing app where you can create, design, customize and personalize your email campaigns. It offers all kinds of solutions and tools to manage your subscription lists and email sendings easily. You can customize and analyze campaigns and even see the impact of each individual email - to the point of finding out all aspects of how they were received. They offer a step-by-step guide into campaign creation - from the choice of a specific subscriber list and the design and colors or your campaign to the final sending. Create all kinds of designs to achieve the result you are looking for using the in-app templates or import your own HTML. You can even integrate their SMTP server into your applications and track what is happening with the notifications that you send to your users. Campaigns can be customized individually for each subscriber using metatags using specific fields including name, birthday, gender or age etc. Then there is the statistical analysis where you are given tables and graphs detailing all the information related to your sendings including users that have opened your emails, users who don't, hard and soft bounces, clicks, opening places, opt-ins and opt-outs etc. They also track the URL's included in the newsletters.
Acumbamail is a simple and cheap way to create, organize and co-ordinate your email campaigns from A to Z. From the original design and tone of the campaign to the management of your subscribed lists and from the email sendings to the statistical analysis to see how well it works. What's really great about this email marketing application simplicity's its pure simplicity and I can promise you that you won't need a degree to have it up and running straight away. It has a clean design and the step-by-step guide ensures that everything will run smoothly. There are several pricing plans available depending on the volume of emails that you wish to send but, if you are sending under 2,000 a month, it's completely free.

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