The next generation of email marketing

Review posted Thu 10 Jan '13 Info Visit

You just can't call it spam anymore. You see, email marketing has moved on such a long way from the days of the bulk email that everyone out there would dread receiving. People assumed (quite rightly in many cases) that there was always a viral aspect in unwanted emails and found all sorts of ways of stopping them. This, of course,  defeated the purpose of the advertising campaign. So email marketers take a different line these days. Transactional emails are ones that are triggered by a different action. If you sign up for something and get a welcoming email back that's a transactional email. Sometimes, even when you check your balance with a store or bank you will receive a transactional email back. MailerLoop is an email marketing application with a CRM added that enables you to create, host, manage, personalize, send and analyze your email campaign to give you better results.
MailerLoop is a great new tool for email marketers and developers that proves to be is a more effective way of managing all your transactional emails. But whereas services like SendGrid purely send and deliver emails, this one gives you plenty of added extras to not only send them but manage the whole process simply and easily. Right down to analyzing the results with detailed real-time reports and analytics to get the most out of your campaign. MailerLoop helps you to create and manage your email designs and content with drag-and-drop editor. Rather than worrying about the nuts and bolts of just delivering emails, the app provides marketing people with the time to concentrate on what they do best - design and content. You can create and host all your transactional emails and integrate them into your system smoothly and each email is assigned an ID which is triggered by the client's action. Create fully customized email designs or upload your own and manage content using the simple drag-and-drop editor. Greet your users by name and send them content that is relevant purely to them. MailerLoop handles all the deliverability issues, including ISP monitoring, DKIM, domain keys, SPF, feedback loops, white labeling and link customization to make sure your messages are delivered. Then you can analyze the results of emails sent, opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed and, Godforbid, complained about to improve your efficiency and even maybe give you a better  return on income.
Email marketers get cleverer and cleverer in finding ways to get their messages across to the general public. Whether it is for the promotion of a product or simply dealing with an action instigated by a user, MailerLoop turns what could have been an invasive action into something way more personal. Your efficiency will only be applauded by the customer. This app takes email marketing to the next level and turns what used to be considered a dodgy enterprise into something far less intrusive. The app is free for up to 20,000 emails a month but, at under ten bucks, the premium plan more than doubles that figure making it a cot effective way of getting your message across just a little cleverer.

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