Movie Game Free: Now, was it Ashley Judd or Ashley Banks?

Review posted Wed 20 Feb '13  ·  19 comments
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Everybody loves a fun movie quiz game. Probably because pretty well everybody has a favorite movie and the fact that movie stars are constantly being shoved down our throats whether we like it or not. Movie Game Free is a new social movie app for iOS, Android and Facebook where you can test out your movie actor knowledge on your friends. Compete with your friends or random opponents to connect actors to the movies they have appeared in - and it's three strikes and your out.
Movie Game Free is a social mobile application for iPhone, Android, and Facebook that was designed for avid movie-watchers everywhere. It developed when two hometown friends who enjoyed playing it during and in between classes realized that there were others out there with a passion for fun movie games. Invite your friends or random opponents to play one-on-one or in a group of three and take a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame as you connect actors to the movies they starred in! The last player standing wins the game and, when you get to 3 cuts or strikes, that's it, you're gone you're out. The Movie Game was designed with a traditional movie theater in mind with rich red velvet drapes and buttery yellow popcorn being the colors on display.
Was Jack Nicholson in the Last Picture Show or The Last Detail? The Movie Game Free is a fun addition to the niche market of social gamers and movie lovers.  Was it Beau Bridges or his  brother Jeff who appeared in The Fabulous Baker Brothers - or was it both of them? Was Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap or in the Von Trapp family? Don't answer that one. Movie Game Free is one of those fun, easy to play movie quiz apps that it's great to pull out on a rainy day or a quiet night on the tv and encourages people of all ages to test their movie skills by matching the actor to the movie - and it's three strikes and you're gone. Now, was it Ashley Judd or Ashley Banks who starred in Norma Jean and Marilyn? I should know that!

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