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Review posted Sun 27 May '12
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It was very recently that FeedMyApp reviewed the offline map-reader MapsWithMe and, lo and behold, here is another GPS travel application to compare it to. Galileo Offline Maps (great name, eh?) let's you create your online maps on your home computer, do all your research on interesting places and routes and then import your maps into your iOS iDevice so you can use it when you are offline with only WiFi to help you out.
Galileo Offline Maps claims to be the fastest offline map application for travelers ever in the App Store. It makes life easier when driving without the aid of an in-car GPS or an internet connection by allowing you to create offline maps of your desired location on computer, mark it with waypoints and routes before importing them into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Use the free version equipped with essential features or complete the configuration with enriched functionality through in-app purchases. It now supports a large number of different offline maps but make sure you have purchased the "Import Maps from PC" feature and iOS 4 installed. It's simple to use. Just download the "Mobile Atlas Creator" desktop application to your computer from the site. Create an offline map you want to browse offline and upload it to "Galileo Offline Maps" through iTunes and you'll never get lost again. While you are browsing a map online, all recently viewed map images are saved in the cache. Thanks to this you can browse this map again without an Internet connection even while your iPhone is in the flight mode. Use it offline and enjoy your trip.
You could just rent or buy a GPS system to guide you on that epic road trip up Highway One to San Francisco but I'm yet to find one that doesn't feature an annoying voice or send me up the one-way system the wrong way. Besides, why spend a fair amount of money on GPS or expensive roaming charges on your mobile when apps like Galileo or MapsWithMe provide an excellent service for a fraction of the price...and with no condescending voice tutting at you when you miss a turn off. This version of Galileo has added heaps of new features from previous versions. So next time you are planning that big trip it would be wise to add this travel app to your arsenal. It's worth it.

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