SkeeFree: Old school downhill skiing for your iOS

Review posted Fri 7 Dec '12
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I remember those days when the Italian master downhill skier Alberto Tomba used to weave his magic in the slalom events at the Winter Olympics. It seemed for a while there that no one would beat him. It wasn't that long afterwards that Microsoft introduced a skiing game called SkiFree for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 that everyone played for a bit of fun. Well, this great addictive old school downhill racer has now been adapted for iOS and proves itself to be just as addictive as its parent. That is, until you get caught by the abominable snowman, of course.
Do you remember SkiFree? Remember racing your skier down the snow covered hills and avoiding the abominable snowman? Now is has been engineered for all your Apple devices including iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPod touch. Hit the slopes with the official version of the retro skiing game and show off your slalom and free styling skills!  Dodge skiers, snowboarders, trees, rocks and even the abominable snowman! Get some air with the ramps and rack up points! All scores are automatically submitted to the Apple Game Center leader boards. Compete with your friends to get the highest scores in each game mode whether it be slalom, tree slalom, and free-style)! With nostalgic gameplay and retro visuals, SkeeFree is a fantastic game to play on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad! Relive your childhood gaming experiences and speed down the slopes. Just stay away from the abominable snowman.
SkeeFree is a fabulous little time waster of a retro skiing game that worked back in the 90's and still manages to capture the imagination of millions of people today. While not having the slick gameplay of the latest Playstation game, SkeeFree is heaps of fun to play despite its simplicity. The idea, of course, is to avoid hitting other skiers or snowboarders, trees and especially the abominable snowman. It's simple to play, it will keep you amused on the way to work and I can think of a couple of friends who are going to grab this one straight away.

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