SutiSign: On Demand Electronic signature Solution

Review posted Sat 8 Oct '11
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Now here’s an application I would have paid for personally when I was working in sales for a commercial finance company. If I had a dollar for every wasted mile I’ve ever driven in the hope of getting a vital agreement signed I could book a world cruise.

Electronic signing is the way to go and this app from Sutisoft looks great and will cut down on the wasted hours, not to mention carbon emissions travelling to fruitless sign-up meetings.

It often happens, you need two guys to sign the documents but one has been called away. You leave the package there in the hope that once completed it will be posted back to you but what are the chances? Things need to be speeded up.

With Sutisign you can log in and use the wizard to guide you through getting this done electronically. Simply enter the customer details to bring up an email template and upload the relevant document or documents to it.

Signature points can be dragged and dropped into the appropriate sections and even tabbed for customer ease of use. You can then add a signers list if the document requires multiple signatures along with an approval order.

The whole thing is pinged off to your customer as an email with links to the documents and can be signed with either an uploaded written image, an electronically generated signature or by using the touch screen on a smartphone. Whichever way the document is signed a detailed audit trail is generated at each approval stage. The documents can then be returned fully approved in the same electronic way.

Documents can of course be printed off as PDF’s including the audit trail for customer records. The great thing about this is that they’ve signed the papers and have a nice hard copy without the need for you to get in the car and lose another day out your life!

A great use of technology and probably one with more green attributes to it than is immediately obvious.

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