Miitla - Mind It Later: One click bookmarking in one location

Review posted Tue 3 Jan '12
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While there are plenty of free bookmarking apps available they all have their own little foibles to make them differ from the rest. Miitla is a new web application that is geared towards the regular Internet user. What makes it different from many others is the ability to quickly save any interesting sites all in the one place on a third party server while you continue to surf the net. And what that means is that you can access them wherever there is an Internet connection and at any time of the day or night.

Miitla is short for Mind It Later and  is a complete platform bookmarking application that allow you to save interesting sites like bookmarks but on the third party server. You can return to them later with just one click. With Miitla you can have your bookmarks constantly accessible to you wherever you are with the information kept in the cloud. Get a bookmarklet for your browser and add sites to Miitla with one click and without the need to log in. Just drag and drop the Miitla button onto your browser toolbar to create a bookmarklet. Then click it whenever you want to save the interesting current site you are on. You can use many different bookmarks depending on your needs.
Time is often short especially when in a work situation and it's not always possible to investigate every single web site you need to visit there and then. That's where Miitla can come in very useful indeed by letting you save them with one click to visit later. then it's just a question of clicking your Miitla button whenever you find a site you want to save and you are done. Then you can find them altogether in one place and stored in the cloud so you can review them wherever you are. Miitla is an easy to use free bookmarking app that wont change your life forever. But you will find it more useful than you think.

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