Packing Pro: One of the essential travel apps

Review posted Wed 16 May '12
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To be honest, it would take me a couple of days to list everything that this travel and packing application for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone offers. If you look around you will see that it has won countless awards in the travel app field and is recommended as a 'must have' addition to your travel application cache. I'll keep it short for now by telling you that Packing Pro is a fast, easy to use and reliable personal packing assistant that delivers list creation, travel management support, iCloud syncing and sharing options as well as a ton of other bits and pieces to help make your traveling problem free.
Packing Pro is a super-enhanced portable personal packing assistant for your iDevices that delivers quick, simple, reliable and infinitely customizable packing list creation and management support. Create as many lists as you like and edit and save them for future reference. If you go back to Italy next year it will prove very useful to have a check list of things you took the last time. Discover new ideas and suggestions from the included sample lists then organize and manage your packing lists the master catalog using categories, types & items then monitor, sort, check-off and even weigh them so you don't get hit for excess baggage.  Monitor a running tally of total items per category & how many of them are checked off. Access the customizable to-do list and email your lists to friends, family and colleagues  It also gives you great iCloud syncing and sharing options, display customization, a huge catalog, lots of sample lists, as well as additional, built-in expert assistance.  This powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tool is recommended by Apple to help you better manage your travel packing needs and expectations.
Packing Pro has been in the top three downloaded apps in countries the world over including Australia, Canada, India, China, Canada and the U.S. and many others. National Geographic chose it as one of the top twenty travel apps available. There are so many reasons for using a packing assistant when traveling and Packing Pro features pretty well all of them.  Don't be intimidated when you first look at the interface of the app as it appears quite busy but it's very simple to use. An essential purchase for the seasoned traveler as well as the first time adventurer.

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