invotrak: Online Invoicing and Timesheet Tracking

Review posted Thu 13 Oct '11
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If you’re looking for a simple app to streamline the billing function of your freelance or small business then Invotrak will give you that plus a bit more.

The invoice function doubles up with a time tracking feature letting you or any other members of the team to log the hours spent on a project accurately ensuring you’ll never undercharge. Short notes can also be added and the hours can be pulled up to form line items on an invoice. The system also has a useful feature that tracks actual time against budgeted time so you can see how you’re doing on any particular project.

Invoices can be uploaded or better still generated within Invotrak and sent from the system via email to your clients. All correspondence will show only your business name. The central dashboard will give you an instant overview of what’s outstanding, what’s been paid and what’s overdue. Automatic reminders can be set up and if you’re on anything other than the basic plan your customers can log in and pay online.

All of the information entered into Invotrak can be analyzed with reports on income, hours spent on projects and even a breakdown of how long clients take to pay you.

There is also a free iPhone and iPhone Touch versions available giving you the flexibility to keep track of invoices and timesheets while you’re on the move.

A simple to use app but one that has some useful functions and generates some essential information on the status of your business.

A no fuss solution for individuals and small businesses providing the tools to nail down the admin issues related to time keeping and invoicing.

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