GoTranslate for Google Translate™: The only translation app you will ever need

Review posted Wed 8 Aug '12
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For me, there is only one service that I ever use when I need to translate one language into another. Google Translate is the pinnacle of language translators and it's good to see that lightroomapps have updated it and built this version for all your iOS iDevices. GoTranslate translates words as well as sentences between over 66 different languages, contains translation history and allows you to sync it over iCloud between all your devices.
GoTranslate is what's known as a 'best in class' application and everything else will be compared to it. Why? Well, apart from the credibility given it by its Google name, it does everything that you want it to do and more with little fuss and bother. As opposed to the rather basic original Google Translate interface, GoTranslate has been designed as a rather slick and elegant looking iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application while nt giving up its simplicity of use.
Apart from being able to offer accurate and fast translations between over 66 different languages GoTransate makes it easy to translate emails and text messages and share all via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ directly from the application. Edit and correct all your translations immediately and know that everything that you've changed has been  saved and synced to other devices via iCloud. You can easily and quickly copy your translations at just the push of a  button. Theres even a button that gives you the ability to quickly insert text from the clipboard and translate it. Let's face it, GoTranslate is one of those incredibly useful applications that every iOS device owner really should have
 GoTranslate is a dream to use and even more convenient than Google Translate as your translations can now be achieved from within - saving plenty of time when flicking through pages on your mobile device. Of course, all the major languages are translated and, with 66 of them available, I wouldn't think you'd have much trouble finding the right one. You can even access your history while off line which might come in really handy when you are in the middle of Brazilian and have no idea how to ask for the bathroom in Portuguese. It's fast, it's accurate, it has a whole bunch of cool search facilities and it's iCloud friendly. In short -it's a keeper!

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