Font Pro: Over 20,000 free fonts at your disposal

Review posted Fri 17 May '13
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Excuse me for a second, but I’m having a bit of a drool over this brilliant font databank. For anyone who has any interest in design, this free font collection is an absolute must have. Font Pro features an immense collection of over 20,000 fonts that are easily previewed and downloaded and is the simple place to go to find all those great typefaces that you don't find on your computer. What's more, most have been converted into web font optimized format. This very user-friendly design and productivity application is, quite simply, the place to go.
Font Pro makes the designer's life easier by providing one simple place to find every conceivable type of type, so to speak. It provides more than 20,000 free fonts and most of them have been converted into web font optimized formats like ttf, eot, woff and svg. Font Pro has made the process of searching fonts, previewing fonts, collecting fonts and finding new font combinations super easy and awesome. You can filter fonts by classification, slope, weight and width. If you know the name of the font you are looking for you can search it by entering the keyword in the search box. Font Pro provides a great typeface testing and previewing tool which can be easily accessed from "project" link at the top menu when logged in which can save hours of design time. It lets you start a new project with a completely blank canvas but get some pretty detailed design options in minutes. Each typeface can be compared side by side enabling you to see which one works and which doesn't.  Once you've finished your project you can download the html, css and all web fonts you use in your project in a single click.
If you know where to go you can find heaps of free fonts on the net. However, there are very few font collections to match Font Pro. Certainly I can't think of one that has this depth of content as well as being wonderfully easy to use. You can collect your favorite fonts and look at them in detail and some of its most endearing traits are the small ones that many other font apps forget about. There isn't much that the developers here haven't thought about and it is quite astonishing to find it to be free - certainly for the time being. Any designer worth his salt has to take a look at Font Pro.

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