Custom Drum Set Pro: A percussive app with great natural sound

Review posted Tue 11 Dec '12
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Amongst any number of people there'll always be one who fancies them self as a drummer. You know the type - they are the ones that are always tapping away on their desk of tapping their feet on the floor whenever music is playing. They could even be that annoying guy who always brings his bongo drums to the party and proceeds to tap along to any song that takes his fancy. Well this music app for iOS is going to be the perfect app for them. Custom Drum Set Pro is a top of the range, fully customizable drum set with all the trimmings, that earned a 5star rating in the AppStore.
Custom Drum Set Pro doesn't exactly look like a million dollars but that's not really what this music app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is all about. In fact, I kinda like its basic no frills look. But the reason the app rated 5/5 stars in the AppStore is because of its simplicity of use and it's authentic big sound. Customize the six drums in the app to be whichever instrument your want out of all the 20 different percussion sounds included. They include bass drums, snares, toms, cymbals, high hat, cowbells, clave and more. Custom Drum Set Pro offers natural sounding and great quality percussive sounds that run the full gamut the instruments you hit rather than pluck. And it's all available on your iDevice.
Despite my comments earlier, there really does need to be more drummers in the world. I worked in a place a few years ago and all three people I worked with were in different bands - yet they all shared the same drummer. There are, of course, plenty of drum apps available but the pure and natural quality of the percussive sounds puts Custom Drum Set Pro into the big league. There's a free version to try it out but the paid version is only a buck or so anyway.
Hey, and for my bongo loving friend, there's even a digital bongo to play.

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