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Review posted Sun 11 Mar '12  ·  66 comments
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Some people are genuinely great ideas people - Steve Jobs is the obvious name that comes to mind. For the rest of us we might just need a bit of help. Idea Generation Assistant is a productivity application for iPhone that aids the creative process by reorganizing your ideas into visualizations to better structure the idea process. It's intuitive and workmanlike nature can leave you more time to develop and conjure up more conceptual masterpieces and desires for the future.
Idea Generation Assistant is a fast and free organization tool for iPhone that helps spark new ideas by visually presenting a personalized visual idea map (or a virtual bird's-eye view) of a user's ideas.  It will help you find new connections between things you are thinking about and will spark new, outside-the-box ideas. It uses the contents of your ideas to automatically build a visual map of your ideas and, the more you use it, the better the idea map gets and it becomes more accurate with each new idea. To make your idea entry effortless the app automatically organizes ideas based on keywords it detects in the content of your thoughts. Ideas analyzes text as you type to automatically tag your ideas and neatly organize them. If you have Siri, you don't have to even type - all it takes is speaking. What's more, your ideas are available on all of your iCloud enabled devices. When you decide to realize an idea, you can export it to your favorite task management app simply and easily.
Simple, intuitive, fast, free and easy to use - that's what Idea Generation Assistant offers as well as creating the space for you to develop old ones and come up with new ones. This productivity application for iPhone might just be the inspiration for some great new concepts in your life. You can use it personally - maybe you are planning a holiday and need something to inspire you - or in a business sense to nut out, plan and organize future events. It's real bonus is that it intuitively categorizes your ideas leaving you more time to think 'em up.

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