Sworly: A Pinteresting way of finding new music

Review posted Sat 31 Mar '12  ·  20 comments
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One of the saddest things that has happened over the last few years has been the demise of the music store. Gone are the days when you could Wander down to the local record bar, have a chat to the guy behind the counter about his latest faves, listen to a few tunes and walk out with some great music. These days you have to do a lot more work to find some good new music. Sworly is a social music and video share application that could well be a way of making your music searching a little easier by giving you access to over 20 million songs and a very Pinteresting way of recommending new stuff.
Sworly is a free new, fun way to discover, listen to and share music. By scouring the web you are given unlimited access to over 20 million songs that are all readily available throughout the web with a link to iTunes if you wish to purchase. Where Sworly differs from others is that it uses the Pinteresting concept of exploration of other users' favorites. See a song you like and view that user's recommendations.  No more stumbling through dozens of videos on YouTube, avoiding the ads, just to find the clip you are looking for. Sworly provides a mosaic browsing experience that delivers songs which cater to your musical palate crowning you the master of your own digital music experience!
There's nothing fancy about Sworly. It does look kinda snazzy though, I guess. Basically, it's all about the music and it's delivered quickly and in good quality. Probably the thing that will make it more interesting to the music fan is the ability to follow a user and discover his or her musical taste. Equally, your personal picks form into a strain for others to investigate so you'd better be on your game when you're picking tunes.

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